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Exciting article from The Georgia Straight with a review of Mr. James is Dead!

"The invention, timing, and choreography of “Mr. James Is Dead” is no less impressive, thanks largely to Peter Hoskins (who also wrote) as a nebbish who can’t find anything good to say at his father’s funeral. You won’t find any spoiler’s here, although we will say this: never trust [redacted]! Directed by Daniel Irving and Josh Aries, “Mr. James…” somersaults through its gonzo plot turns with style and gusto. Again: how in God’s name did they shoot this in three days?"

"Five Fingers of Fury" placed 1st out of 800+ submissions in this incredible Canada-wide film competition had me featured on Cineplex!

A feature in the Vancouver Sun, focusing on Crazy 8s and the insanity that comes from it!


Filipinos are behind a short film that dominated this year’s Vancouver Asian Film Festival. Rowena Papasin tells us more about “Dirty Laundry”, and the the so-called “Team Tsinelas” that brought the action film project to life.

Honored by the Vancouver Short Film Festival with this awesome award! This is the cherry on top of screening alongside other incredible After Dark films.

"Mei", our exciting foray into action-drama is premiering alongside other heavy hitting Asian American filmmakers!

Featuring a review from the site's curators. Check it out!


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A fun article from Hollywood North Magazine!

"The name is James. No, not James Bond. Shot in a somewhat large-like space of an old building that creeked no matter where you stepped, the place may have been somewhat noisy, but the crew had fun given the shoot, the craft service looked interesting (I didn’t eat any though) and the actors had plenty of fun with the crew."

Dirty Laundry by Canadian Filipino director Josh Aries and led by an all-Canadian Filipino cast also garnered the event’s two People’s Choice awards: best overall short and best overall performance for actor Jordan Cameron who’s half Filipino, half Dutch. The film’s producer Philip Planta was also honoured with the MAMM Long Time Supporter Award.


Joshua Aries, a young aspiring filmmaker on his journey to becoming one of the best in the film industry. As one of our old friends, we catch up with him and talk about his life as a film student. He touches base with films that he has produced and an upcoming action-comedy film called "The Intern." Tune in and to delve into the "director's cut" of the mind of Josh Aries.

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